Saturday, August 11, 2007

Decision Made

Well, I accepted the English teaching position. I am carefully excited. I know how much work I am in for. I remember all too well the juggling of housework, child care, relationships, parent/teacher conferences, and piles of English papers. Part of this new job will also include taking an ESL endorsement class that will meet most every Wednesday throughout the year. I think I am somewhat over my head, but I am determined to let myself say "No," a lot and keep the mind set that even though this is my ninth year teaching, I will have to think of it more as another first year - new curriculum to create is a big job all by itself. I will be teaching English 8, which I haven't taught before. I am looking forward to creating some spectacular lessons and units, but also reminding myself that I am only going to be able to eat a few bites of this elephant at a time.


Kristy said...

Yeah, Mom, you really don't have to be teacher of the year just yet! And you have our support 100%!

Dianna said...

Thanks Kristy! I feel your love and support - these are the things that sustain me so often!