Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day of 6th Grade

Abbey started 6th grade today at a charter school here in Davis County.  It was kind of an unexpected turn of events because I had totally forgotten about submitting her name to Wasatch Peak Academy at the beginning of the summer.  Abbey's long-time friend Cloe and her sisters attend Wasatch Peak and they love it, plus it has the stamp of approval from their mom Jacque.  I just thought I would submit Abbey's name and see what happened.  Then I forgot about it.

Well, last Wednesday afternoon, six days before school starts, I received a call from the secretary at Wasatch, asking if we were interested in an open spot in 6th grade.  I didn't know what to say, especially because we only had a few hours to make the decision.  I was told I could let the school know of our decision the next morning.

So we did our research, talked to Jacque and her girls and talked to other neighbors who work at our neighborhood school.  There was a lot of information to take in and sift through. It seemed like we couldn't go wrong either way.  When Brett got home from work the three of us put our heads together that night and discussed the pros and cons.  Brett and I knew that ultimately it would be Abbey's decision because, not only would she be going to a charter school and wearing a uniform every day, she would be starting over with this move home and was already pretty stressed about making new friends and feeling welcome in her new school, whichever one it was.

After our family pow wow and fervent prayers, Abbey decided she wanted to spend her last year of elementary at Wasatch Peak Academy.  We had to rush around to get everything arranged and find stores with uniforms still on the shelves but it was worth it.  We even got to meet the Piano Guys at the Gateway after we finished our shopping!  I think it will be a great year for Abbey, a year to get more fully prepared for junior high.  Her new teacher, Mrs. Williams, has a fine reputation, and the bonus is that she is super tall, just like Abbey, and seems fun as well as no nonsense.

Meeting the Piano Guys at Gateway
 This is how far she has come.
 Checking out the new school after the big decision
Yes, she was ready to become a Wasatch Peak Academy Patriot

 Abbey looked so cute in the uniform!
She indulged me again with picture taking at the school this morning, but I think the hug at the classroom door really was too much for her.  I doubt I will be able to do all this next year in junior high.
Mrs. Williams is a former U of U Women's Basketball team member and has no problem with her height.  She even highlights it with her VERY high heels!

When Abbey got home today she was pretty tired and didn't know what to think of her first day.  She said she had made a couple of new friends and likes her teacher, but she said it might be a boring year.  But as the day wore on and we went to the store for school supplies, her excitement for tomorrow started to build.

So now Abbey has gone from being an ASD Dragon as an expat to being an ex-expat and a Wasatch Peak Academy Patriot.  Here's to another great year of learning and growing.  I just wonder if she will grow in height as much as she did last year in 5th grade - watch out Mrs. Williams!

 This was taken on the first day of 5th Grade, September 2011.
This was taken in June 2012, and yes, Abbey Kearney is taller than her teacher Miss Abbie Taylor.

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