Saturday, June 27, 2009

Guess Who!

In order to show everyone the kinds of things we see every day in Qatar, I brought home an abaya and hijab. It has been very interesting to let my friends and family members hold and try on the complete public attire for a devout Muslim woman in Doha. They have been able to feel the heat and heaviness of wearing this imposed outfit. I can't help wonder how Muslim women adhere to such strict, seemingly oppressive restrictions. I haven't been able to talk in depth with a Muslim woman yet about her beliefs and the wearing of the abaya, but I know modesty is a big reason. Why black in such deadly heated deserts? Why do the men get to wear the cool white thobe? There are so many things I want to know.

I've taken photos of everyone who has tried on the abaya, so see if you can guess which mysterious ladies are featured here (Hint: both friends and family members are included). The one with Daisy is a dead giveaway, but I had to include that one, because she was so disturbed with the transformation of her favorite person, she kept growling. Even the models might have trouble identifying themselves. I know the hijab is probably not on correctly, but I really think I will need to take a class to learn how to wear this unusual clothing to do it correctly. So, my apologies to any Muslim friends who might see this.






Kristy said...

1. Marcell
2. Jalisa? Chloe?
3. Grandma Giggey? I have no idea!
4. Me!
5. Grammy?
6. Mary
7. Ann or Lori
8. you? or someone else with pretty blue eyes
9. Abbey girl

Amy said...

I can't make out anyone except Abbey, Mary and Kristy...I lose big time on this one. It makes me claustrophobic just looking at these pictures. I would cut holes in the face to get more fresh air, that's for sure!

ljanlyons94 said...

I can't even tell which one is me.

ljanlyons94 said...

I just figured out I am the first one, with the swirling sand in the background and the butterfly beside me.

peche said...

cultures can harmonize our live.. :)

Julie said...

This is awesome! I think I would only have gotten Abbey correct. Although I think I wondered why she was in 2. Then discovered it was Jalisa. Sure miss Jalisa and Jennifer now that they are at a different school. Just like I miss you guys! I am not good with change!