Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A New Experience

Hey, when Abbey was about three she kept telling us that she wanted to move because she wanted to have a new experience. Well, moving to Doha has certainly given her that -- probably more than she bargained for.

Speaking of new experiences, I did something this summer that I never thought I would: drive a Jet Ski or Sea Doo or Wave Runner, whatever your preferred term is. Yes, at first I was hesitant as Brett coaxed me to get on with him and hold little Kimball between us as I made my maiden voyage. I was hooked and went with him a second time, this time remembering to take off my insulin pump first. It was a good thing I did too, because Brett dumped us. But that didn't dampen my new found enthusiasm. Brett was then able to talk me into driving with him on the back. Before I knew it, I was racing across Jordanelle Dam, daring the bugs to crash into my teeth as I smiled from ear to ear. It was freezing cold that morning, but the exhilaration of moving so fast across the water helped me forget myself for awhile and experience the thrill.

Then a few weeks after that first encounter with combining speed and water, the Reilleys invited us to go wave running with them. I hadn't planned to drive solo, but that is exactly what I ended up doing. Brett was on one wave runner and I was on the other. Then Lori and I went out together. I even got brave and did some "risky" turns. Abbey even ventured on the water with me. No, she didn't drive, but she did hold onto my life vest as I twisted us through the waves.

No, I wouldn't impress anyone but myself with my new skills, but I conquered a fear. Not everyone knows what it is like to have a diabetic reaction, so not many people understood my reluctance to be on a high powered machine in the middle of a large body of water all alone. Exercise and excitement can sometimes bring on these reactions, so my worries were not imaginary. I finally just had to tell myself that the life vest would do its job if the most terrible thing happened.

I'm so glad I let myself be coaxed and cajoled into trying something new. It was pure enjoyment, and the thoughts of those days skimming across the water will go a long way during the heated days of Doha these next few months. The family day we had at Jordanelle will go down in the Kearney History as one of the best. I don't have a photo of Kimball sandwiched in between Brett and me on the jet ski, but that moment is embedded in my memory forever - the first time Kimball and Grandma Dianna rode the wild waves. Thanks for sharing it with me little Kimball boy!


Kristy said...

Great post, Mom! I didn't think about the possibility of you having a reaction out there--now I understand your hesitation! But you were so brave! Woohoo! That truly was a fantastic day.

Sorry we missed your call today--we've been out and about getting things done. Love you!

lbwillow said...

I am so proud of you! Those will be great family memories for you! Thanks for sharing similar fun with us! We had so much fun with all of you that day!

Amy said...

"Daring the bugs to crash into my teeth" might be my favorite line EVER. :) I'm glad you did this! Way to conquer the fear.

ljanlyons94 said...

What a proud moment for you. I remember when I tried parasailing. I didn't want to do it, but pride of being the only chicken in the group convinced me to go. I absolutely loved it and look forward to doing it again. Now you can get your own wave runner...do they go on the sand?

Juli Barros said...

Wow! How exciting! :)