Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June's Best Diversions

 Millie Feet
 TWO BEAUTIFUL Granddaughters
 Bubble Blowing
 Baby Kisses
Baby Naps (oh, how I love my triple chin!)
 Baby Fashion Shows
 Planting a (small) Garden (Kristy and Kimball really did it but I watched)!
 Enjoying the new hammock . . .
And the new deck - see how it is rain soaked?  The cool June temperatures were glorious!
 Miss Beautiful
 A sleep out on the tramp in a tent
 They all look prepared, happy, determined, and brave but Jared was the only one who lasted all night.
 Father's Day
 Fun House Guests
 Mary's Father's Day cupcakes, and yes, those are maple bacon cupcakes
 A well-balanced baby
 A visit from the Tooth Fairy
 A back yard weeding party with hard workers
 See how hard working she is?

 Kimball's best find of the night
 Aunt Abbey admiring the amazing treasure - what aunts do best
 Fun was had by all - the smile is proof!
 Relaxing and watching a lot of gorgeous
 CLOUDS!  Doha deserts are starving for them.
 Lots of walking practice

 Preparing for . . . 
 A certain granddaughter's 1st birthday blast.
 Mom found her way to our home  - first time in years!
 Loving this son of mine
 Enjoying Mary and Ben's hard work
 And watching the most patient one year old actually enjoying the festivities
 Mary did a beautiful job on the cake.

 Tickling babies
 Clapping for all the fun, the presents, the excitement, and the pure joy coming out of this blonde darling
 Her gesture says it all, "Is that it?"
 And applauding a mommy who worked like a professional party planner

These were the best June diversions ever!  I just hope your June was equally spectacular.


Amy said...

THAT was a spectacular post! Lots of fun going on at YOUR house! I love June...

Brett said...

Awsome Family

Richardson Five said...

Doesn't get any better than that.:)

terahreu said...

Honestly, could it get any better? I am surprisingly jealous of those bacon cupcakes. I think I would happily eat 5 right now!

Soak it all up! Before you know it you will be on a plane headed to, well, that other place that doesn't have any of those things.

Marinda said...

What a fun time with your family. Everyone looks so great! How did Mary make that cake? I sure wish I had seen Kristy when I was in Utah. Somehow our summer "home" didn't have much time at home!