Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writer's Block

I have been in a funk lately with a bad case of writer's block, so I thought I would whip out my handy Writer's Notebook that Abbey gave me for Christmas last year (as in 2010) and get my writing juices flowing.  Poetry always does it for me so here is a rough draft for today. I'm publishing it so that I will have some accountability and motivation to keep writing, oh, and so I can go through these simple steps of the writing process that Abbey has so thoughtfully provided in the front of my notebook.  Man, I love her!


When you're not here
There is
No real estate for me to settle,
No foundation to build on,
No firmament to spread my roots.
So I wander from room to room,
From thought to emotion to

Slowing my breath down is difficult
And so I am shallow in my
They are all diminished and
Cautious with calculations
And measured pleasure
Since my horizon has no sunrise until
Step through the threshold and
Pour your
Cemented soul next to mine.

Then the tranquil nesting can resume
With brilliant plans of grand designs
For modest home improvements,
Well overdue upgrades and
Mindful interior expansions.

Please don't confuse -
The solitary solace is needed.
But when the paint has finally dried
And the inspections are complete
Then is the time for cooperated
Ebullient efforts to
Slowly take over so that the
Structure can stand in balance and beauty,
In tandem with all the individual
Nail gun wounds smoothed,
The insulation in place
Against extended harsh elements,
So that the hoped for sunset can be
Miraculous and unfettered
Through the picture window of our


Kristy said...

That looks like writer's unblock to me! Way to go, Mom!

Kathy said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Great imagery! Brought tears to my eyes. You have a gift!

Ann said...

Very beautiful!