Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bragging Rights

Yes, I think I have a right to brag about how gorgeous my daughter is because I also get to experience the bittersweet feelings of watching her grow up.  We've always called her our Bonus Baby because she came along after our hope of having another child had evaporated with the passing of ten long years of trying to get her here.  Abbey isn't a baby anymore, in fact she is as tall or taller than many adults.  She is a treasure that I have tried to lock away in that family treasure chest of love, but just like my other two children escaped, so will she - and that is how it should be.  So I'm just taking a moment today to revel in this beautifully complex creation that Heavenly Father allowed us to be a part of.  Her insides are even more remarkable than her outsides and that is the most rewarding part of being her mom.  I love you, Abigail!

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