Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wonder Woman Times Two

Yesterday I made myself walk out of my classroom and embrace my home and family again. My personality is "all or nothing" so I have thrown myself into revitalizing my teaching as I begin another phase of my career. It has been exhausting yet familiar and welcome to remember my talents as a teacher. At the same time though, I have been remembering the parts of this job that never became easy for me - dealing with the piles and piles of English papers to name just one.

As I locked my classroom door, I had to reassure myself that the most important thing in my life are the smiles and company of my husband, children, and grandson. I haven't been as focused on this over the last few weeks. There will always be piles of papers, but there won't always be time to try on Halloween costumes with my six-year-old and see the light in her eyes as she puts on the Wonder Woman cape and looks into the mirror. When I was her age I wanted nothing more than to be Wonder Woman, complete with the golden lasso of truth and the bullet repelling arm bracelets. Abbey and I walked out of TJ Maxx with the costume and my joy brimming over, my priorities returned to their correct place. Maybe both of us will be Wonder Women in October!


Kristy said...

Yeah! You are Wonder Woman! I like this post a lot.

adrienne said...

I have complete faith that you will be totally awesome at both roles. You are wonder woman! I look at the amazing daughter you've raised and I marvel at the talent that must have taken.

Your family is so lucky to have you, but think how many other lives you will also bless by teaching!