Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anti-Social or Pro-Peace?

Last night Brett and I opted out of the neighborhood Christmas party. This morning I opted out of the neighborhood cookie exchange. It is almost a relief to say no to something. The hectic schedule of the holidays has turned my life into a "have to." I want to fill my holidays with the things I WANT to do, the things that are most important. This morning I just thought that sitting with a bunch of women who are trying to impress each other with their fabulous recipes, immaculate grooming, and slim figures was going to be more than I could take, especially because I had not made my contribution to the exchange. Because I have been hobbling around from a broken toe and I'm so tired it hurts to hold my head up, none of my Christmas preparations are done. My daughter Kristy was shocked when I told her I hadn't bought one gift yet. She said, "That's a first mom!" It really isn't, but I don't think she has ever paid attention before to how prepared I have ever been for Christmas. She has always just noticed the end result. She has a different perspective now that she is trying to make everyone's dreams come true on that very important day. Well here is a list of the things I WANT to do this Christmas:
1. Enjoy some peace of mind, knowing I have thought well of all those I connected with that day.
2. Curl up with a new book in front of the fire.
3. Surprise Brett with some thoughtful gift.
4. Find that perfect gift for the most thoughtful man I know, my son Ben.
5. Have a generous heart when it comes to family relations and assume the best.
Hopefully, there will be room in there to smile, laugh, and relax a little too. I love Christmas, but I refuse to let it rule my life. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Savior doesn't want that either. I think he would rather we delete the worldly diversions from the season and focus on eternal endeavors. I think the Savior's adversaries are very thrilled about what Christmas has become, even for very religious people. I won't let it happen to me and my family. I must be the voice of heaven and whisper reverence so that there will truly be PEACE in my little corner of the kingdom. Maybe that's not being anti-social but pro-peace!


Manuel,Chelsea, and the kids said...

I just love you, Aunt DeeDee!!! I think you can chalk it up to pro-peace. If it makes things run smoother in your own home and you are at peace then that is the most important, especially at this time of year!!! Last year I was so sick during this time that I missed all the fun of baking Christmas cookies, shopping and then wrapping gifts for my kids. It has been a real joy this year to do some of the things I enjoy at this time of year. But seeing the smiles on my kids faces and being able to hug and enjoy them is what really makes Christmas special. Take care of yourself and your little family and don't worry about all the other people!!!!!

Dianna said...

Thanks Chelsea! I'm so glad you are well this year too. Thanks for reading my stuff!

Kristy said...

Yeah, I guess being a mom helps me appreciate my own mom a lot more! I love you!

Bethany said...

Thank Heavens. I thought I was failing at Christmas by not wanting to go to certain Christmas Events. Now I know that I am just being a special sort of festive.