Saturday, March 15, 2008


We have a new grandson and he is wonderful! He was born the day before Brett's birthday, which is appropriate because his name is Kimball Brett. What a lucky grandpa to have a grandson named after him! As you can see he is so beautiful. He looks almost identical to his mom when she was a baby. He is bright-eyed just like Kristy was and yet pretty mellow and calm at times, more like his Grandpa Brett and Uncle Ben. He even has a tinge of red to his hair like his mom did. It was so monumental to sit and hold Kimball when he was just three hours old. It was so good to be with Thomas and see his transition to becoming a big brother. Thanks to my sweet husband for insisting that I get on a plane at the last minute, even if I didn't make it in time to see the birth. And thanks to Tom and Adrienne for the shuttle service from the airport. Three of the excited grandparents swept into the hospital together. It was quite an entourage. Thanks to Kristy and Jared, the amazing parents who brought these two sweet boys to our family. I am so grateful for a growing family. A family to love is a treasure and I have the greatest treasures a woman could have.


Kristy said...

What a good boy! He loves his grandma!

Marcell said...

I love this boy and his big brother