Sunday, January 6, 2008


I have been missing my grandson a lot lately, more than the usual everyday heartache. He is such a bright, beautiful boy who brings love and sunshine wherever he goes. He is growing up so fast and will soon be welcoming a new little brother to his family. This will make him even more grown up when the baby comes. I have missed so much of his babyhood, so it is hard to imagine that he will be three this year. My mind seems to freeze his growth each time we see him, and I expect him to pick up where we left off from the last time, but I'm always surprised to hear the new words he rattles off like a pro and the new way he interacts with his parents. My son-in-law always asks me if Thomas has changed dramatically since the last time we were together, and the answer is always a bittersweet "Yes." I guess I always dreamed of being able to help my grandchildren discover the world around them on a regular basis and get lost in the wonder in their eyes and heart. I don't get to do that much because whenever we see each other there is a catching up period while he remembers who I am. By that time it is time for one of us to go home. The phone is great to keep in touch with his parents but Thomas just isn't into phone conversations. Who knows if he ever will be! He is a boy after all.

Again, it is difficult for me to accept things the way they are and not try to force them into what I want, but at times I just need to feel sorry for myself and then move on. I guess I will just have to be content to see him as much as I do and enjoy him when I can. I must concentrate on what I can build instead of what can't be built. Maybe the fact that we are gaining another little grandson in a few months has reopened the issue. A grandma must be about love whenever and wherever possible. I wish I had a more profound ending to this entry, but I just haven't figured it all out yet. I guess it will take time and experience.


Amy said...

Hi Dianna! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you don't mind me taking a peek at yours. I absolutely love to blog and read others' writing as well. We always lived far away from our grandparents and missed seeing them as regularly as we all wished we could. One fun thing my grandparents did was to send us picture books with their voices recorded on tape of them reading it and saying good night to each of us. We listened to them every night and it made them feel not-so-far-away.

Dianna said...

Thanks Amy! Your comment helped me remember that I did that same thing with Horray for Diffendoofer Day for my niece and nephew when they lived in Maryland seven years ago. I think I will do that and send it to my grandson. Oh, I'm so glad you reminded me! Thanks for reading and commenting.

adrienne said...

Oh Dianna,

I know how you feel! It is so hard when there are grandbabies far away. I know it is hard for you that Thomas is near his other grandparents. That will be hard for me too when Bethany moves back to Utah & is near her in-laws!

Thomas loves you so dearly though! I know Kimball will too.