Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back to Reality

Here are the girls at Women's Conference standing in line with armfuls of cheap bags - oh the fun!
Hey, it is back to reality after having four very spiritual days. I am brimming with ideas for self-improvement and family activities to increase the love and sanctuary of our home. Mostly though I am filled with the distinct reminder of whose I am and what He expects of me - just my best effort to lead myself as well as my family back to Him. The combination of Women's Conference and our Regional Conference this weekend was amazing and powerful. Sister Sheri Dew said, "We (speaking of the women of the church) are the Lord's secret weapon." AND "What would change if you thought of your life as a ministry?" She is so inspiring and has such a succinct way of speaking the truth.

One of the many great ideas I heard about making the most of the Sabbath was to tell your children that there would be a quiz on the Sacrament Meeting (in our case today, regional conference) talks at dinner time. Abbey was excited when I whispered to her that she should listen to the speakers so she would win the prize after the quiz. She started writing down notes on the talks, imitating what Brett and I were doing. At one point she slumped her shoulders down and said, "Mom I will forget the first part by the time we have the quiz." When we got home she wanted to have the quiz immediately so she wouldn't forget anything. It was great to ask her questions and see how much she really does listen even though she is bouncing all over the chairs and us. It was good for her to realize how much she is learning, understanding, and even remembering.

It is great to be filled up right now and regain some perspective on life and eternity. One thing President Monson said in the closing session has stuck with me. He said, "Never make the problem to be solved more important than the person to be loved." I think that is powerful advice for families. Here are two other thought-provoking quotes: "One must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being." (May Sarton, novelist, poet) "Pray for something good to ponder." (Hillary Weeks, singer song-writer) I hope you all have a great week with something good to ponder and someone to love and lead.


Amy said...

First, you'll want to delete that comment by "dumuro". It might be a virus or something, so DON'T click on the link! Go to your main page where you log into your blog called "dashboard", then click "Manage Posts", which will show you a list of all your posts thus far. On the right hand side you'll see the number of comments for this post. Click on that. Next to "dumuro"'s post, you'll see a little trashcan. Click it.

I've never been to Women's Conference, but have always wanted to attend. Thanks for sharing the thoughts and ideas. It sounds like you had a great time and were able to really fill your spiritual well!

Kristy said...

Cute bags and cute ladies! I'm so glad you got to go, Mom. Those are some awesome quotes.

Dianna said...

Thanks for the help Amy. I was trying to figure out how to delete it because it looked suspicious. I guess I can't have anyone comment or that will happen.