Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here are more images of our life in Doha. Last Thursday we attended a Ramadan celebration at Education City. The party was in an air conditioned tent with rugs on the floor and fancy winged back chairs to sit in. There were booths from a variety of countries. Our favorite was Armenia, because they had the most "nibbles" as Felicity, our British neighbor, calls them. There were also dancers and self-defense performances. The celebration was late for us, so we missed out on some of the entertainment, but what we saw was amazing.

We went to the party with our next door neighbors Felicity and Jesse, and Felicity is the one who decided to get some free henna painting. Abbey opted for the free face painting. Jesse is from the boring old states, but his wife Felicity is from Great Britain, near Dover. They have been married for four years and they are the parents of Riley, the cute dog pictured in an earlier post. They are really good for us, because they have been so generous and helpful, but mostly because they have gotten us out to experience Doha first-hand. They took us to Al Wakra beach one Saturday and then to eat the local shawarma sandwiches for dinner one night. Without them, our Thursday night probably would have been spent in front of the T.V.

The flower photo is an actual Doha flower growing outside our villa. This little beauty inspires me, because it blooms in this Qatar oven with very little water and severe conditions. Maybe when all is said and done, our little family will be an inspiring blossom in this desert Zion. Hey, that might be a great analogy to start my Relief Society lesson this Friday on Establishing the Cause of Zion.


Kristy said...

I like the dancers. Their costumes are awesome.

Amy said...

What a neat opportunity to experience the cultures there! It's such a wonderful blessing when you find friends like that who help you find your way around and visit places that you wouldn't normally on your own.

I haven't read a RS lesson since I've been serving in primary! That's wonderful that you get to teach. I wish I could be there to hear it.

ljanlyons94 said...

That little flower teaches us all a lesson that no matter what adversity we face, it can always be accomplished with quiet strength and beauty. What a joy that precious flower brings to the harshness of the desert. Beauty can survive anywhere with a little help and if we keep our eyes open to seek out the beauty.

adrienne said...

Hi Dianna,

Sorry that I have been remiss in commenting on your blog. I've just been stalking it. I love your pictures and everything you have to say. I truly am in awe of your grand adventure.

Breeann said...

Looks like a fun celebration, what a neat experience.