Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kid Questions Part II

Yesterday morning during breakfast Abbey asked, "Dad, do frogs eat cheese?" What could he say? Who knows. Maybe google knows. I had to smile at the thought process that brought that question from Abbey's lips. I would love to dive into her mind some time and swim through the sparkles of thought that jump from one topic to another until leap-frogging to a creative question or solution. It makes me realize how many statements don't make their way out into the open where adults can smile or puzzle over and make her blush.

I remember one day when Ben was two he found a small black sequin on the floor and carried it around for hours gazing at it in wonder. Finally, as if a light bulb had lit up over his head, he said, "Mom, I know what this is. It's a mouse record!" (Of course those were the days before CD's). Instead of asking me what the item was, he studied it and thought for quite some time until he made sense of an unknown object. I wish I could have that kind of patience and creativity all at once.


Kristy said...

I sure love that sweet Abbey girl. She has such a smart brain.

Kristy said...

Oh, and I like your new layout! And how are you liking Uglies?

ljanlyons94 said...

I think I read somewhere that cheese is a frog's absolutely favorite food.