Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Blessed Day

Here are some photos of a very important day in our family, and especially important for our Abigail.

For those of you far away: we thought of you every minute today and felt your love. Abbey had a few tears last night, realizing again that her sister and brother were not going to be with us, but this was a great opportunity to talk about one of the blessings of the Holy Ghost and how he can comfort and bring good feelings to us from those who love us, on the other side of the veil and on the other side of the world. We were also able to read some heartfelt words from Abbey's grandparents during the meeting, and that helped all of us feel close to them.

Note to our Bountiful Shadows Primary Leaders: Do you notice the towel at the beach with Abbey's name on it? Thank you so much for wrapping her in your love on this beautiful day.

When we were home for the wedding Kristy sent a special gift with us to give to Abbey today. She will receive it later when we Skype with Kristy and her family. It has her name and today's date embroidered in the corner. Kristy said that is represents the Holy Ghost and how he can be a comforter in times of sorrow, loneliness, and worry. Our inspired bishop said some of the same words in his talk about the Holy Ghost. It is a beautiful quilt made with love. The flowered material is significant in our family. It was originally part of a laundry bag my sister Yvonna made for me when I went off to college. Then it became our family "Gunny Bag" with glued on eyes who ate leftover toys in messy rooms as our oldest two children were growing up. Then the bag got sent off to BYU with Kristy. Now it has found its way into Abbey's life in this treasure.

The beach was a brilliant setting and the weather was perfect. The water of the Arabian Sea will be locked in our minds forever.

Our friend Jesse pointed out that the sun came through the clouds at the climax of the event - what good timing. Felicity said, "See Abbey, God loves you."

To respect the requests of our host country, we are not giving details of what this meeting is, but you all know, and we trust you can fill in the blanks. I will have to share the particulars in an email to come. We love all of you!


Kristy said...

Beautifully told, Mom. I love you guys!

Chris said...


Please give Abbey our love and congratulations. What a memory to have. We are proud of her (and you and Brett as well).

It was so nice to see and talk to you while you were here for Ben's & Mary's wedding. We miss you and feel quite jealous of your adventure.

Love the Lewis Family.

Lincs and Ali said...

What a neat experience. How many people can say they were baptized in the Arabian sea? Seriously. amazing.

Amy said...

What an amazing experience! All baptisms are wonderful in their own way, but this one was truly unique. Baptized in the sea!? I'm so glad you captured it all with such beautiful pictures. Congratulations, Abbey! We love you.

Richardson Family said...

That looked wonderful! Even though you are far away, it looks like you have made lots of friends that came to see you on your special day Abbey. We wish we could have been there.
Love, Heather, Nate, London, Lizzie and Emma

Anonymous said...


That was beatiful! Thank you for sharing about your special day and sharing your angel with us! What an inspiration you are to all of us! Thanks for lifting us up!


P.S. I thought maybe once I'd read without crying. So I started with your decorating! Love it! Didn't cry. Then moved down to the baptism and the tears starting flowing the minute I saw that beautiful angel Abbey!!!

ljanlyons94 said...

Congratulations, Abbey! Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us through words and pictures. I love you!!!!

Marcell said...

Abbey, I am so proud of you and I love you and I am glad that you had a beautiful day! Kearney family way to go cool living room.