Sunday, November 16, 2008

thenings to do today (yes, I know it is misspelled)

(Abigail's list for Saturday - her spelling retained - don't you love how she spelled "things"?)

beads with mom

read with dad

frend over

make puppets

love cat





Now guess which ones she checked off her list: yes, she and I attempted to do some bead work with a loom kit she received as a birthday gift. It was an adventure, and she patiently waited while my giant hands tried to tie tiny, stretchy threads onto the loom. She gratefully understood my inability, and I was luckily saved by a friend coming over to play. Yes, her friend Brynn came over and they played fisherman (Ci Ci was the catfish that helped them find other fish) and spy. So I guess that activity included loving the cat, because you know how much cats love to be chased by little eight year old girls. Yes, Abbey went swimming with Brett and then read -scriptures just before bed. The puppets, drawing, and science will have to wait for another day. This list reminds me of another little girl who grew up in our house, a girl who is still writing lists and accomplishing most of what she sets out to do. Check her out here. I love the optimism of children and how they motivate us to check important items off of our lists like, help my daughter fulfill her dreams, stop and notice the soft fur on the kitty, and create something new today. What is on your "To Do List" today?

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Kristy said...

What a cute list! She's a girl after my own heart.