Friday, January 9, 2009


Okay, so I have to brag for this post. I hope you will indulge me just a little. It was so good to be with my grandsons for a few days right after Christmas. It was the reward I received for flying for 34 hours to get to Utah for my dad's funeral.

Thomas is the brightest three year old I've ever met - since his mom that is. The first day we were together, while Thomas was munching on his breakfast, I asked him what he wanted to do with me while he was in Utah. I thought he would tell me he wanted to play in the snow, read, go to the library (one of his favorite activities), or play cars. With a mouth full of Cheerios he simply said, "I want to have a conversation." So of course I obliged and we started talking about whatever was on his mind. I can't remember what it was, but I could tell that is truly what he wanted to do with me. A few days later he told someone else (maybe Ben or Mary?) that he wanted to have a "cold" conversation with them. So they proceeded to say cold words like brrrrr and snow, and freeeeeeezing, and frost. What a funny guy! We did get to play in the snow eventually, thanks to the Smiths who invited us all to their first annual Snowman Building Contest on New Year's Day. One morning when everyone in the house was fast asleep, Thomas paid me the ultimate compliment of yelling, "Grandma! Grandma! Grandma!" when he woke up instead of calling for his mom. It was one of the nicest wake-up calls I've ever gotten. If you get a chance to be around Thomas, make sure you ask him to tell you a joke. It is a great experience.

Then there is Kimball (Kimballicious). He is a baby full of joy and patience like no other baby I've met, at least not since his Uncle Ben. Feeding him breakfast was even fun. His big brown eyes are something new in our family - Jared brought in the beautiful brown eyes - and when Kimball looks at me, it seems like he is looking into my heart. He is just a baby, but there is a wisdom there that suggests an old soul. He is also a relaxed little guy and let me cuddle him and move his arms and legs all over the place. We had fun playing peek-a-boo and eating together. Kimball LOVES to eat and it shows in his delicious chub. He is already talking and says "Santa" really well, and when he saw Thomas riding with Mary's dad on the four-wheeler, Kimball was watching very closely and said, "WEEEEEEEEEE!"

Grandsons are so much fun. This summer I get to watch them for a week while Kristy and Jared go to Hawaii. I am already counting the days!


lbwillow said...

What cute grandchildren! What an awesome Grandma you are! What Hawaii? How fun for Grandma and Grandpa, Kristy and Jared, and Thomas, and Kimball!

Cami noticed the Red Box DVD case in the picture, so we just had to say Thanks for supporting Josh!
Love ya!

adrienne said...

Hi Grandma Dianna,
I agree that you have the cutest, smartest most wonderful grandsons ever!

Thomas told me that he really loved Grandma Pat (my mom). When I asked him why, he said "because she has good conversations with me and will sit in the back seat with me." Aha! The secret to Thomas's love.

Grandma Adie

Richardson Five said...

I finally got to meet Kimball. What a happy moment that was! He is so dang sweet! I couldn't stop kissing those cheeks. Now I've just got to have a "conversation" with Thomas- what a kid.