Saturday, April 18, 2009

Word Verification

How do you verify a nonsense word?
When it is absolutely without a doubt absurd?
Is a subutri an underground park
Where the sloides can be slid in the dark?

And what about the madvo that bously refuses
The advances of warics and totally confuses
The adjik sitting in the singsk with its book
Looking up words with a noplad kind of look?

It gets more exciting when the spyro is there
Apprehending the drophot villain with flair.
They refsk and battle until both are exposed
And shockingly neither are ever opposed
To the essectul turn of the intiz twist in plot
Ending up in the baria, neither getting caught.

Then a rock throwing utley shows up on the screen
Telling the lownelio to get outtewai of his dream.
Not everyone understands the siongl of a man
Who measures his belidgu by calizes on his hands.

The typical sociste will never be enlightened
By the fusit to be found in the chotweis of excitement.
I hope your brasuls are comprehending this stuff
If not then I think your computer experience will be rough!


Kristy said...

So funny, Mom! Did you write that? Are all those really verification words? Awesome.

Dianna said...

Yes, I collected word verification words for a few weeks and picked the most interesting ones for my poem. It was fun to write - maybe not quite Jabberwocky or Dr. Seuss, but fun anyway.

Richardson Five said...

I fell kind of like I am reading a Dr Seuss book right now.

Mary said...

Heehee Mom you're so fun!

Breeann said...

That was a good one!