Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Five Ways How to Tease Your Dad

Last week when Abbey was home sick from church, she kept herself busy making this little poster and putting it up proudly in Brett's studio. It is difficult to read from the poor photo, not to mention the creative spelling, so I typed out all the helpful hints here:

The Napkin Joke

1. He asks for a napkin
2. Get one napkin
3. Give it to yourself
4. Act natural
5. See what happens

The Chocolate Stealer
1. Get all the chocolate and put it in your room
2. He goes to the kitchen for chocolate
3. You tell him he needs to buy more
4. Do it again
5. You do it until he notices

The Sassy Joke

1. He tells you to clean your room
2. You say, "I know you do but what do I do?"

The Tack Joke

1. Get a tack
2. Put it on Dad's chair in the middle
3. He sits back up with a tack on his pants

The Eating Joke

1. It is dinner time
2. You ask your dad to get you a drink
3. He gets you one
4. You go to the garbage and throw it away

I would say that last one is going too far, don't you? It's no wonder Brett has a slight twitch these days. Daddies are just too fun to tease, I guess. Although he gives as good as he gets, so don't feel too sorry for him! What would your list look like?


Kristy said...

Yes! I love it! She is brilliant. But maybe she could go a little easy on her poor dad...:)

ljanlyons94 said...

...just wait until she is thirteen, then the list will be really serious.

Marinda said...

Okay Abbie, you are are hilarious. So, do you actually do those things to your Dad? Or just tease him my talking about them?

Elijah brought home bienenstich from the bakery today. Wonderful recomendation! Super tasty, but not overpowering. And the coolest part was it cost 2.50 Euros for an entire cake to feed our family. Awesome. I thought of you while eating my second and third pieces. Thanks!