Thursday, November 19, 2009

Those Were the Days

I wrote this poem after watching a little girl standing in line with her mother at a restaurant today. She was five or six and twirled and skipped in her lightweight school uniform. Every few minutes her head would tilt up looking heavenward at her mother and her still pudgy face would beam with enamoured worship. I found tears coming to my eyes as I realized that Abbey has now moved past that wonderful age of spontaneous delight and unquestioning faith.

Paradise Lost

The bubbling, boisterous
Energy has quieted
And sits hiding helplessly
Behind the perfect pout
Or the rolled eyes of
Disdain for the inhabitant no longer
On that parent pedestal
Where three-year-olds gaze in
Awe of
Love and
to WHY?

Now Mommy is mute to
Ears filled with friends'
Noisy whispers of doubt,
Comparisons and complicated
Social standing.
My once bouncing, dancing, hand-holding
Daughter no longer
Holds my opinion so close,
So trusted, and her
Eyes flash in independence when
I suggest that she let her face know she's happy and


Amy said...

Oh, this poem speaks to me! Just today I was noticing how my little baby Eliza gazes at me like she's totally in love. Jane doesn't do it as much anymore. I can see those days are fleeting, and it's so sad. My one consolation is that I felt the same way about my mom as your poem describes. Then I grew into an adult. My mother returned to her rightful place on the pedestal, I gaze at her in awe of her skills which I lack, and hers is the opinion I value most, and few people's voices can make me smile so wide when I hear it.

Chelsea and Manuel said...

Oh Aunt DeeDee I love that picture of you and Abbey, I realized that I need to get Manuel to take a few pictures of us together like that before she gets to big and won't let me squeeze her anymore. She is already getting so big and even super sassy lately, it scares me a little bit. Thanks for the cute poem!!!
I'm so glad Brett was there to help you out with your insulin raction, please be careful!!! Love you so much!!

Brooke said...

How dear!

ljanlyons94 said...

Sweet Abbey. They just have a nasty tendency to grow up way too fast.