Monday, February 1, 2010

January Days

We have been enjoying one of the two best months to live in Qatar, and it is quickly coming to an end with rising temperatures already. We have been busy with Girl Scouts, Abbey's biathlon, dune bashing out by the inland sea, new church responsibilities, saying farewell to friends leaving for Moscow, and keeping our tempers in check when we drive. :)

Here are a few photos of our January adventures:

Early in the month, all the third grade P.E. classes did a biathlon during school. Abbey was nervous but practiced hard. She ran around the high school track twice and swam the length of the pool twice. She had a pretty good time when all was said and done. Way to go Abbey!

Just last Saturday we went to the sand dunes out by Sealine (my first time, Brett and Abbey's second time) with some friends. We have had our Xtera for over a year and a half and not really broken in our 4-wheel drive, so Saturday was the day. We were informed by our knowlegeable teacher (Ephraim) that our Xtera is actually better than his Hummer on the dunes because it is lighter and has better weight to horsepower ratio. And he was right, as we soon found out. Sarah the Xtera was born to dune bash!

After arriving at the dunes close to Sealine, the first step was to take some air pressure out of the tires. I guess this helps the vehicle hug the sand better. That sounded good to me. We didn't want any stiff tires.

Our Australian mate Wayne (on the left) persuaded us to try this new adventure. Thanks, Wayne!

Before anyone could go out in their own vehicle, Ephraim took everyone for a demonstration in his Hummer. Brett came back a little pale and shaky but smiling nonetheless.

This was our first time dune bashing (as our New Zealand and Australian friends call it), so we played follow the leader most of the time. Our fearless leader Ephraim used the walkie talkies to tell us when to shift up or down and when to rev the engines full blast. He had to tame down his style quite a bit for us, so we appreciate his sacrifice. We kept wondering how our friend Frankie would behave on the sand. ( Those of you who know him can guess.) Brett was hooked by the time we left, so my guess is that he will be back on the sand pretty soon.

Our friends Vicky and Steve tried their hands at fishing, but didn't have any luck.

A day at the inland sea wouldn't be complete without a good slide down a sand dune or a close look at a dead squid. Notice the guy under the umbrella up top.

We said good bye to some good friends. The Fryers moved to Moscow, at the coldest time of the year no less. They invited us to visit, but we might wait until a more ideal weather time.

Abbey and some of her Brownie friends got to perform the flag ceremony at the U.S. Ambassador's residence at an Americana for Children activity. They took their responsibilities seriously, but they were all smiles at the end when they got to pose with the ambassador's wife Mrs. LeBaron.

Abbey and some of her Girl Scout friends received some badges for their hard work.


Kristy said...

Oh Mom! Great to read about your adventures! AND I just realized that I left you hanging on your blog layout. OOPS! I'm so sorry. I still want to design it for you. Later. :)

Amy said...

What a great month! Looks like you're having a ball and I'm glad. :)

terahreu said...

Dune bashing is so exhilarating! If you live in the desert, you have to do it. BUT you don't have to do it twice. I don't know if my heart can handle it. said...

Fun times, Brett you sand dune animal. said...

Okay I am having trouble with the new computer. For some reason blogger has labeled me fichardsonfive @ blogger .com It is driving me crazy trying to change it...any hints from you experts. Jan a.k.a phoney Richardson

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