Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo of the Week

We passed this interesting restaurant on the way home the other day, so I snapped a picture. I bet a few westerners have gone in there hoping beyond hope that they could indulge their craving for that spongy cream-filled treat they know and love. But alas, they were sadly disappointed. I really wonder who thought of this catchy name for a restaurant. And notice the temporary signage - maybe they wanted to make sure their name would catch on before calling the neon sign makers. I'm sure they used the alternate spelling so people could differentiate between the two things. Come to think of it . . . . who thought of that catchy name for the sugary shortening in sponge cake snack item? For the sake of the unique restaurant, I just hope the Arabic translation for Twinky means something other than "food that will certainly shorten your life" like it does in English!


Benjamin said...

Mmmm...I think I want a twinkie now!

terahreu said...

You could definitely add this one to my signage posts. There is enough frustration when you live overseas. But signage is the one thing that can make you smile.