Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photos of the Week: With a Spring Time Theme

Only in Doha will you find this colorful poultry,

pastel bunnies lounging around,
And a soft, white kitten with split personality eyes!

And then there are the helpful signs that remind us not to kill the workers while they are working.  Any
 other time is okay, I guess, just not while they are beautifying Doha!  Is that awful or what?!


Amy said...

That sign is so funny! Kindof disturbing, but funny. Doesn't it hurt the animals to be dyed? I hope not.

Kristy said...

Ha ha! That is so hilarious!

Marinda said...

How did they do that? Are those animals for real? The yellow bunny is a little disturbing!

terahreu said...

Shoot! I am so glad they told me not to kill one of the workers. I was planning on it, but now I change my mind. I suppose instead, I will go to the souq and buy a florescent bunny. You capture the crazy so well in your last picture. Love it.

Amber said...

That cat is so stolen and illegal to be here! Seriously! It is a turkish cat called a Turkish Van and they are regulated and not allowed out of the country. Hahahaha...illegal cat! illegal cat! Doha...shame!