Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Important to Make New Friends - The Furry Kind

We made some friends today in Sri Lanka while we were on a river safari.  These friends were the furry kind and so amazing.  This is only a handful of the wonderful wildlife we saw.  I will have to share more photos later.  The bear monkey was the hands down favorite and Abbey just cannot understand why we can't take him back to Qatar with us. 

A Very Serious Bear Monkey We Met at the Fish Hatchery

Monkey Cuddles are REALLY Wonderful!

This giant squirrel was very comfortable in the Buddist temple we visited.

This is a water monitor and looks like a miniature alligator and isn't so furry, but I had to include him.  I don't know what you think, but I think he is pretty efficient at his job.  I would NOT get in the water with him slithering around.


Jared said...

So cool! I saw a stray cat in Centennial, CO today, so I am kind of having cool adventures, too. . . Actually, I just wish I were there with you!

terahreu said...

So fun! You wanted moneys, you got monkeys! That little one is soooooo cute!

Axel caught one of those monitors. They are amazing.

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Amber said...

actually, I saw an ad for a monkey in qatar living...should you be interested...

awwww...looks like fun!

adrienne said...

Ok--so for my next vacation, I'm going hiking in my own home state. Sri Lanka! You lucky dog.

Amy said...

What took you to Sri Lanka? That monkey is adorable. Not so sure about that water monitor. That tongue gives me the creeps! What adventures you guys are having!