Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miracles: Women and Birth

It is true that I have given birth three times.  And two of those births were natural births - that means there were no epidurals involved people.  It is also true that before January 22, 2011 I had never before watched the miracle of birth.  I guess there is just something about the work and labor of child bearing that makes a woman focus and concentrate every fiber of her being on the end result, not the process. So, as a result of being the participant in the births of my three children, I was never really involved in witnessing the pure miracle of bringing a child into this world.

My daughter Kristy was determined to change that fact with this third pregnancy of hers, so plans were made long in advance in hopes that I could be in the delivery room for this little girl's arrival.  Now having said that, you must know that being in on any of Kristy's deliveries is quite a challenge because she is one of these women who has four or five hour labors and then delivers the baby with a few pushes.  When Kimball was born three years ago, even though she had called me at about 10:30 in the morning to let me know her labor had started, Kristy was having the baby at 3:30 PM when I was boarding a plane for a one hour flight to Denver from Salt Lake.  So we knew from the get go that this would be quite a feat if I could arrive from Qatar in Colorado before the baby was born and then not have to leave before she arrived.

True to form, the whole week before I got to Colorado, Kristy had many false alarms and practically had to cross her legs to keep the little darling from appearing too soon.  Even though I had told her not to worry about me being there, Kristy was convinced I was supposed to be in the delivery room.  Then I landed in Denver and everything seemed to stop.  When I was in town it was almost like she couldn't take the parking brake off that she had pulled the week before.  Thankfully the week we had together was well spent and Kristy got some much needed pampering and I got to shop for a lot of pink things.

Then it happened.  We had planned to go to a leadership meeting on Saturday morning because Kristy is the YW president in her ward and Sister Dibbs was the visiting speaker for the meeting.  So of course, this little cutie pie decided to get us both out of another meeting.  Isn't she the best!?  Kristy's labor started at about 8 AM.  I arrived at 9 and things were getting heated as she told me the change of plans.  Jared was scrambling to get the boys over to the neighbor's house and then we drove 25 minutes to the oh so far away hospital.

By 11:42 AM I got my first peek at a very wrinkly forehead and then a whole slippery baby girl.  I was in awe of my daughter.  She looked glorious beyond description in her life-giving moments.  I was humbled by what she had done, what women do every day, what I did three times!  There just aren't words to express what I felt in those slow-motion minutes of wonder.  As the doctor carefully unwrapped the umbilical cord twice from around this little one's neck I was so thankful for a quick five push delivery that brought little Amelia Sonnet to us safely.  She quickly pinked up as she cried and rested on her mama's chest and life began to take on a new meaning for all of us.  Kristy's tears were quiet as she cradled her new sweetheart.  Jared hugged his mom and their eyes added more tears to the grateful chorus.  I just held the camera in stilled adoration.  No photograph could capture what I saw, what I felt.

Yes, I was meant to be in that delivery room.  I was meant to bear witness of the monumental calling that women have on this earth of bearing, raising, and nurturing children.  It was a sacred experience and Amelia and I will be forever bonded because I can say that I was there.  This Thoroughly Modern Millie, who has brought us all back into focus, has already begun to leave her mark on this world.  Her brothers adore her, her parents have let loose the pink parts of their loving hearts, and me and Grandpa Brett, well, we just can't wait to see all the dance recitals, soccer games, piano concerts, debate tournaments, and wrestling matches that take place even BEFORE she starts school!  We love you Millie!


Marinda said...

That was beautiful. Your writing, the pictures and your wonderful, amazing Kristy. Have you heard the song "Angel"? It has a line about an angel (his wife) making angels - that is what Kristy is and does! Good work! Thanks for sharing your special moment.

Amy said...

Miranda's right, this is beautiful. Congratulations to all of you.

Juli Barros said...

Congratulations! I loved your writing and the pictures, they captured the beauty of this very special moment.

Julie said...

Absolutely beautiful!