Wednesday, April 25, 2012

VCUQ Fashion Show 2012

I took my neighbor and friend Afton to this year's VCUQ Fashion Show.  Because of an ASD conflict we had to go to the dress rehearsal instead of the Ladies Only night, but on the up side, I got to take my camera this time.  That means I don't have to steal photos from the local internet news to include visuals with my post.

The show was excellent as usual but pretty short.  That could have been because it was the dress rehearsal, but I guess there weren't as many seniors this year as in years past which cut down on the collections to be shown.  The theme of the evening was "Arabesque" (I never found out why and couldn't see any kind of connection to that theme in the decorations, stage, fashions, etc.) and the guest designer was Eric Raisina.  His collection was all about texture.  The materials he used were unusual, funky, and flowy.

Mr. Raisina had some items from his collection in the bookstore after the show.  That's Eric over the shoulders of my friends Rose and Mel, and don't they and Afton all look pretty with their scarves. Oh, and the designer's assistant back there . . . . she looks a lot like a very famous movie star that my grandsons are familiar with (Edna E. Mode) - you decide if she has given up her "Incredible" job and gone on the road with Eric.  Maybe she offers a collection in his line just for superheroes!

Okay, enough silliness, here are the pictures.
Ms. Sandi (Fashion Design Department Chair) looking as gorgeous as ever

Raisina's Collection:

 This model had the bored look down cold.

This model's husband and two little children sat across from us and would get so excited every time she came out.
 I just really like this shot - goofy and all.

 I really want these shoes, oh, and the ability to walk in them.

The Children's Collection:
 This little one stole the show.
 A comic book theme
Garret, Abbey's friend and the son of one of Brett's colleagues, surprised us.  We had no idea he was in the show.

And the rest (well, some of it):

 One collection had a bug motif going . . . interesting.
There was also a 40's vibe with another collection and I'm sure it was designed long before The Hunger Games came out.

Well done VCUQatar.  Another great show!

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