Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Few Diabetes Related Questions

  • Why does my blood sugar go low right AFTER I trek upstairs and brush my teeth?
  • Why do my CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) sites get MORE accurate the longer they are in?  (I get the most accurate readings at about ten or eleven days - four days longer than recommended)
  • Why do my pump sites deliver the insulin better AFTER the recommended three days?
  • Why does the richest country in the world, Qatar, not offer its residents, and especially its citizens with diabetes, the best health care and technology in the world?  You know, so I don't have to put nine month's worth of pump supplies, insulin, and CGM sites in my TWO pieces of very small luggage when going around the world!
  • Why do the doctors and nurses here look at me like I'm an alien when I show them my pump and CGM?  Don't they know the Middle East has an overwhelming number of PWD (people with diabetes) and they should be fluent in diabetes technology?
  • What can I say to the children at church when I am eating fruit snacks for a low and not offering them some?  
  • The conspiracy theorist in me wants to ask who the big pharmaceutical company is that is paying off scientists so they WON'T dream up the once and for all cure for the big D.
  • Who told my pancreas it could poop out on me in the first place?!
  • Why hasn't someone designed my dream medical alert I.D. yet - one that won't get lost between connection flights when flying 28 hours straight to Qatar?
  • Why is it that every little ailment my body comes up with gets thrown into the corner and covered up with the blanket of being "diabetes-related"?  Isn't it possible for me to have an ache or pain that ISN'T associated with this chronic disease?!
Thanks to Kim for the inspiration!  

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Amy said...

I love these! How funny/frustrating/aggravating/confusing! Thanks for sharing them.