Sunday, September 2, 2012

Counting Our 30 Years of Blessings

Last night our children threw us a 30 year anniversary party.  Now why would anyone throw a 30 year party?  Why not a 25 year shindig or wait for the big 50th?  When I asked Kristy why she came up with this idea she mentioned something about how she had wanted to do a 25th year party but it just didn't work out that year with her living in Colorado.  When people asked us about the unique 30 year party we just told them that because Brett and I have had such health struggles this year, our kids were worried we wouldn't make it to our 50th Wedding Anniversary so they decided to go with the 30th.  :) Whatever the reason, it turned out beautifully thanks to ALL of our children.  Every one of them spent so much time, energy, and care in planning and pulling off this incredible night.

Kristy and Mary were the brains and creative directors of this special event and Ben and Jared were the brilliant artistic/muscle support team.  Abbey was the energetic kid chaser and tender for the day of the party and faithfully kept the Robinson grandchildren from destroying the church and each other - and that was a big job, believe me.  Sadly, little Miss E was home with her other grandparents nursing a cold so we missed her.

Kristy's dream was to hold the party outside, to add a little more class to the festivities than our original church gym reception had, which was held so many years ago in little Washington, Utah.  Now Brett and I are not too particular about this kind of thing, but Kristy and Mary are party experts and wanted the open house held in the bowery at the West Bountiful Chapel in our stake.  Well, the weather did not cooperate with the party planners' vision and there was an emergency shift of location with some slight panic when the winds picked up, blowing decoration sundries everywhere, so it was inevitable that our gathering be held in another church gym.

Our kids made this gym glow with candles, twinkle lights and beautifully crafted homemade decor, complete with our wedding colors of lavender and grey.  And unlike the 1982 reception, where we could hear all the echoes of the clomping high heels walking across the wooden basketball court, this gym had carpeting which muted the sports influence and allowed us to hear each other and the 1980s music playlist Ben had put together.  So to the tunes of Chicago, Foreigner, Journey, Steve Miller Band, Willie Nelson, Styx, and Hall & Oates we visited with wonderful family and friends who braved the stormy night to honor us. We watched a DVD that Ben and Jared made which included some of our wedding photos and the most embarrassing and touching scenes from our lengthy wedding video.

 Miss Millie
 That basketball carpet can be unforgiving when chasing little brothers.
 Mom and Del came and called themselves "Bonnie and Clyde" all night.  Don't ask me why.
Dave and Sheila Krogue are great neighbors, friends, and fellow St. George Temple wedding-ers.
Aunt Lucie and Uncle Harold (my dad's brother) just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.
Donna (Brett's mom) had her 72nd birthday the day before and looks amazing, especially for being a three time cancer survivor.  Kristy, Abbey, and Mary are the Party Powerhouses.
The guests were few (kind of like our original reception) but so wonderful and it was nice to have more intimate conversations.
 Del and Mom have only been married eight months but they are looking as happy as ever.
Eric and Lynn Millis are great friends we have known for over 22 years.  Their example of a successful  marriage and family has inspired us so often.
 Aunt Ruth (my dad's sister) and my mom had a chance to get reacquainted and catch up.
Dick and Evelyn Lemon have been two of our biggest supporters since we have moved to Bountiful 22 years ago.  They are dedicated to each other, their family, and our church, and on top of that they are just full of love and understanding for everyone.  We have been blessed to have them as an example as well.
This is Pat, Millie, Kristy, Donna, and our Jared.  My step-mom Pat brought my dad's sister, brother, and sister-in-law to the party to fill in for my dad who passed away in 2008.  Pat continues to be such a blessing in our lives with her thoughtful caring ways and constant devotion.
Millie was the official jewelry inspector of the night.
My sister-in-law Janie and brother Randy came to celebrate with us and helped with the clean-up.  They are still newlyweds themselves and some of our favorite people.
 Aunt Ruth and Ben had time for a hug.
Towards the end of the evening the sky cleared up and showed off some brilliant colors.
My sister-in-law Marcell has always been someone very important in our family.  She deserves her own post so I will save her part of our story for later this week.
Yes, Marcell, we love you so much.
 After the festivities were over the Ninja Clean Up Crew came out!

Thank you, Kristy, Jared, Mary, Ben, and Abbey!  Thank you for making sure we celebrated a 30 year milestone that has seemed to come about with amazing speed.  Even though it seems like yesterday that Brett and I met on the steps of the St. George Tabernacle, the in and out breaths of our lives together have been joyfully delicious, comforting, unnerving, tender, eye-opening, challenging, and remarkable all at the same time.  We treasure these 30 years in our hearts and look forward to 30 more, and maybe, if we are lucky, another church gym will host a similar celebration when we can look back again and say, "Where has the time gone?"


Marinda said...

Congratulations! Kristy is SUCH a good daughter. Don't tell my mom, but I've never even thought of doing something like this for their anniversary.

Amy said...

So great to see all the family, as well as the familiar Millises and Krogues! My brother had his wedding reception that very night in Salt Lake, and they had to make a run for the indoors! Looks like it was just as lovely inside. What a great couple.