Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cat in the Hat

I think sometimes that the trials we face are fashioned exclusively for us, and that is why they are so big and so deep and so tall (Cat in the Hat). Lately I have felt like the Cat in the Hat, trying to hold up the two books, the fish, the little toy ship, and the milk on the dish. Inevitably the things fall and the mess must be dealt with. I think those trials are to help us turn to the Lord and ask for specific blessings. Last night I was doing just that, but I didn't know the specific thing to ask for, so I just asked for peace. It came.

Today I need to ask again. It is a great thing that Heavenly Father doesn't put a limit on how many times we can make those requests. Maybe the concept I am not willing to comprehend is that I might not be able to juggle all those things I want to and hop on the ball. I read something today that opened up holes in my heart that I thought had long been plugged up. It is very difficult for me to accept things the way they are without dropping all the things I'm juggling. I guess I will just have to go out and get one of those machines the Cat has. I wonder if I could find it on e-Bay!

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