Thursday, December 18, 2008

Consider Yourself Gifted

A Christmas tradition we have in our family is to make deliciously soft sugar cookies, decorate them with creamy frosting and a variety of designs, and then deliver them to Abbey's grandparents. In many instances our tradition has included baking the cookies with Grandma Giggey. This year that tradition would require a $5000 plane trip, so we decided to do things in a more economical way.

Brett's brilliant idea was for us to make the plates of cookies, and then deliver them to the guards and maintenance men here in our compound. They are expats like we are, but all "bachelors" here in Qatar because their families are still in their native countries. They usually work seven days a week and get very little pay. In spite of these things though, they are always courteous, friendly, and happy. As you can see from the photos below, these men appreciated our deliveries, even if they had no clue about what the cookies were supposed to be. I think they understood that we were giving them something that had to do with Christmas, but I'm pretty sure they didn't recognize the frosty snowmen on the plate or the snowflakes (from a flower cookie cutter).

So Merry Christmas to Grandma and Grandpa Drawe, Grandma and Grandpa Giggey, Grandma and Grandpa Kearney, Grandpa Kenny, the Robinsons, and Ben and Mary. Sam, Mennen, and the other guys in the crew, with names I cannot pronounce let alone spell, all thank you for the gifts you most generously donated to them. By the way, when I told Kristy (via Skype) what we were doing and then showed her the plate of cookies we were donating in their family name she said, "Thanks a lot. I guess now I'll have to make cookies too and donate them to myself." I don't know if that is the idea we had in mind, but I'm sure Kristy is using the same "recipe" this Christmas for giving things OTHER THAN SUGAR COOKIES.

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Kristy said...

So awesome! Thank you! I made you fudge, actually. :)