Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wet Weather in Doha

Well, we found out that it actually can rain here, and these photos are proof. The day before this, Brett and I had been talking about the fact that we had not seen any lightning or heard any thunder since we moved here. There was a day we saw a few sprinkles, but other than that it has been completely dry since our arrival. Mother Nature really put on a show for us yesterday to make sure we had the opportunity to change that. The streets flooded, the dirt was saturated, and there were many traffic problems. There was even some hail reported at Souq Waqiff. The biggest problem is that there is no where for the water to drain in Doha. The city is not set up with a sufficient drainage system, so rain water builds up quickly in the powdery dirt during one of these violent desert storms. It was a good day to stay home and read a book, so that is exactly what we did, and listened to the results of the billowing, dark clouds in the sky. We are told that this is just the beginning, so we will be looking forward to more wet weather.

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Marinda said...

Beautiful "after rain storm" sky! We used to laugh in Virginia when school was canceled because of the forecast of snow. But I guess whatever kind of weather you're not used to can shut things down! Hope you're staying dry.