Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas!

We will be flying home on Friday to spend Christmas in the winter wonderland of wonderful Utah. And we will be filling our home to the brim with our family, including two very excited grandsons. I think I might be more excited than they are, but we can't wait. We plan to do lots of snowman building (if the weather cooperates), lots of reading in front of the fire, lots of family bonding activities (Brett, Ben, and Jared all aspire to be the superhero you've never heard of: Puzzleman), and eating lots of ham-themed meals (bacon, sausage, pork roasts here we come).

Another bonus of the trip is that I will get my hair cut and colored, and if you have read past posts about my hair woes, you know that I only let my stylist Julie touch my hair after last spring's fiasco. So my dark roots and gray strands are VERY apparent, and pony tails are possible hair styles now because of the length. Not for long though. If I could have made an appointment with Julie on the way home from the airport, I would have.


Chad, Kendra, Eva and Kara said...

Yeah for trips home! We hope you have a safe trip...the snow here is insane! I hope to see you at church!

-k- said...

Weather for the snowmen is NOT going to be an issue. it's Tuesday and the snow is dumping like crazy today! Took me an hour to drive from Bountiful to Temple Square this morning! :) We're excited for you to come home! Safe trip!

Amy said...

I'm envious you get to be "home" for Christmas. I'm working on making WA feel like home, but I'm not quite there just yet. Thanks for your cookie recipe. It was the clear winner. I've made several batches using it. Yummy. I miss you! Have a wonderful Christmas with family!