Tuesday, September 7, 2010

4th Grade!

Here she is folks, a grade four student!  Abbey has been in school for over three weeks now, so she is feelin' pretty comfortable in her fourth grade skin.  She loves her teacher Ms. Ossman, who is from South Africa and expecting a baby in February, and thinks she is ALMOST as wonderful as Ms.Verhoye, so that is saying a lot.  Abs says it is pretty difficult to rate her ASD teachers because all three are so amazing and have helped her in different ways. Mrs. Errico really helped Abbey with her confidence and her spelling.  (There is no photo with this year's teacher because for the first time, Abbey wouldn't allow me to take pictures at school because it embarrassed her. Oh, there are so many changes going on! Even her favorite color has changed to green!) 

As you can see by her fashion statement, the 80s Madonna era is back.  Even more anciently, fourth grade was my favorite year in school because Mr. Cannegator was the kind of teacher who carried us along the learning adventure, with his treasure hunts, guitar, and 60s folk songs, without us even realizing we were in school.  Even in his 70s polyester pants and horned-rimmed glasses, he made a Pete Seeger song cool enough for a nine year old to sing.  I hope this school year will be as memorable for my sweet Abbey.  So here's to all the Mr. Cannegators and Ms. Ossmans out there who make school such a great place to be, and here's to another year of homework, piano lessons, packing lunches, and mostly learning, lots of learning - for Abbey AND me.


Bethany said...

Wait! FOURTH GRADE?!!! This can't be the same girl who "quit smoking!" and ran around chasing boys at the Colorado reception? It's not possible.

Amy said...

She is a definite "tween". What a cutie. Look out 4th grade! Here comes Abbey. I hope you BOTH have a great year.

terahreu said...

I wonder what looks we will be making fun of in decades to come. I keep wishing I could look in a crystal ball to tell me how to avoid all those fashion mistakes. Then again, as Abby has displayed, it comes back!

Abby's Madonna's look is awesome!