Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Baylee "Boo" Kearney Adopted Us

We have a new family member.  This is Baylee.  She was found hanging around the villa where we go to church every week.  She tried to take refuge in the building a few times as members would come and go, so our friends took pity on her and carried her home even though their daughter is severly allergic to cats.  They were determined to not let this white princess kitty succumb to the Doha desert heat or the tough feline gangs that roam the Qatar streets with their crossed eyes and lame legs.  The one time I saw this white cutie at the villa she was sitting on a window ledge and we made eye contact.  When I saw those amber eyes look at me I could feel a connection but told myself that she would be too wild to even try and pick her up (I had tried that before with another cat with a not so great outcome). 

So when I went to officially meet her at my friend Cydney's home, Baylee instantly won me over with her limp purring body and her sweet pink nose.  The Woolleys had christened her "Marie" after the white kitten in Disney's movie The Aristocrats, but after having her in our home for a few days and trying out some different names for her, we arrived at Baylee.  I think the green collar that was on her even when she was homeless on the streets prompted an Irish flavored name, and then her spunky personality cut out the more prissy kitteny possibilities.

As you can imagine, Baylee's arrival caused some complications and intrigue.  Ci Ci was less than welcoming.  Baylee is fascinated by Ci Ci's every move and follows her around the house expecting to play, but this new "friend" is not of the same mind.

"Aha!  I have you now you young whippersnapper!  Just try and get past me down to the food!"

"How much will you give me to NOT roll her down these stairs?"

Baylee has chosen Brett as her favorite person, and you can tell by these photos, she has the same flash phobia he has.

Baylee's favorite spot in the house is anywhere by or ON the piano.  She often sleeps right behind the music stand on the top.  I will let you know if she turns out to be musically inclined.  She and Brett would make a good piano/guitar duet.  They could play "To All the Cats I've Loved Before," or "Blue Cats Meowing in the Rain."  Oh boy!  That's all we need:  another Willie Nelson fan in the house!


Amy said...

She's beautiful! I hope everyone gets adjusted to the new "baby" soon!

terahreu said...

She is so stink'n cute! I need to come over and look at her again. She looks a lot better than the mud caked look she had with those adorable desperate eyes at the church.

Amber said...

ahhhhhhh...what a cute rescue!