Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun With Cats

What do YOU do to combat jet lag?  Me?  Well, I just stay in my pjs way too long in the morning, put the cats up high in the bedrooom cabinet (it's their favorite thing) and then do a photo shoot.  A nap usually follows that exhausting exercise.  Ci Ci was compassionate enough to share her favorite hideout with the new fluff ball on the block.  Apparently Baylee had a neck issue from sleeping wrong the night before, or maybe I just looked better to her at an angle.  Believe me, I have felt at odd angles for a week and a half now with this jet lag.  Does anyone have any good tips for getting over a ten hour time difference? 


vll123 said...

Your cats are so cute!

terahreu said...

I can tell you going to Jordan a week later does NOT help with jet lag. I think cat gazing is probably far more fun, plus you have adorable photos to boot!