Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Silver Lining

The silver lining of the dark cloud of a funeral trip included:

Seeing family and friends,

cuddling with grandchildren,

Abbey holding our new Amelia for the first time,

seeing our home improvements that Randy did,

getting to know Janie (Randy's wife) better,

meeting Danny's wife Mary for the first time,

shopping (Thanks for spoiling me, Pat),

slurpees (and yes, I spilled a red one on our new carpet),

Taco Time (crisp meat burritos),

eating delicious homemade (thanks Mary, Janie, and Randy) food,

and a little snow action with hail thrown in.

Other bonuses of the trip:

Lots of time with this adorable granddaughter

Watching Millie's intense conversations with both Great Grandma Drawe and

Great Grandma Kearney

Uncle Randy's Bouncy Castle was a hit!

Seeing these Pizza Face Guys go crazy in our newly finished back yard was delightful.

Amelia modeled her handmade blessing dress and shoes for the creator (Great Grandma Kearney) and me.  We didn't make it to the blessing but this was almost as wonderful.

We even had the pleasure of an impromptu play, complete with a scary dragon, a princess (Abbey's best friend Jalisa), and a cheerleader.
It was reassuring to know that the awesome family tradition of putting our babies in household containers is being carried on with flair.
And of course we had the joy of being in Utah for the always unpredictable Conference Weekend when anything goes as far as weather is concerned.  Nice deck, right!

This is how we all felt when we had to leave.
Thanks, Sweet Pea for expressing it so well.


Marinda said...

thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts and pictures of your family and the funeral. I am so sorry for your loss. You, your mother and your family are in our prayers. I bet Kristy sounded heavenly singing for her Grandpa. I'm glad you have those cute grandkids to cheer you up.

terahreu said...

You are overflowing with grandbaby love! Your granddaughters are so sweet and cute! I really wish we could have visited while I was there. Next time. We will plan on a summer visit for sure.