Monday, April 18, 2011

Yesterday's Happy

Yesterday the door bell rang in the middle of the day, which is unusual, because Abbey was at school and she is the most popular one around here.  As I opened the door I was greeted by three darling bunnies and they were bringing Easter greetings and paper Easter eggs.  They asked me to choose my own egg from the box (appropriately a beer box because nothing says Easter and spring like the active fermentation of beer, right?).  Then I made them come in so I could take their picture and oooo and ahhhh over their clever outfits.  Victoria is on the far right, then there is Madelyn, and Mathias is the one with the wiggly tail.  The schools in Doha have different spring breaks and this happens to be the vacation week for these sweet neighbor children.  I'm glad they didn't wait until school was over to make their deliveries.  I needed a lift yesterday and it was just the right thing.  Thanks for having such adorable, thoughtful children, Rikki!


Amy said...

so cute and thoughtful!

terahreu said...

SO cute! I wish we were still there to get the same visit. Adorable. We miss those kids.

Taylors-in-Qatar said...

Thanks Dianna for making the appropriate amount of fuss! I wasn't even home and had no idea they did this - but I'm sure my mum had a hand in there:)