Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make Way for Dohaland

This massive demolition going on in downtown Doha is bringing about Dohaland.  It sounds like an amusement park, I know, but really it is the redevelopment of the heart of the city into a modern, multi-functional environment.  The link I have provided is not from the official Dohaland website because the project has now changed its name to Msheireb Properties and that is a mouthful.  Besides, the official website is not quickly informative like the Qatar Living entry I found.  I am the first one to say that Doha needs many facelifts, but seeing this kind of destruction, and knowing what havoc it is creating in the lives of many residents and businesses here, makes these photos somewhat somber.

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terahreu said...

I am wondering if a parking lot is part of the project. Who needs to park when you can walk in the 120 degree weather, from your home, along the side of the highway, where there aren't any sidewalks?