Saturday, May 21, 2011

News Coverage of Elder Holland's 2011 Visit to the Middle East

Here is a link to a report about Elder Holland's visit to the Middle East this last April.  Jeffery R. Holland is one of the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, someone Mormons revere and love as an ordained witness of Jesus Christ.  He has been here twice now since we have lived here - once before in 2009.  Last time Sister Holland came with him and the Relief Society sisters enjoyed a shopping trip to the old souq with her.  The Middle East political situation has changed a lot since that visit, so she didn't come this time.  Or maybe she didn't come because she was spending time with grandchildren.  Who knows?

It is amazing to know that the church is growing even here in a Muslim country where we cannot do missionary work.  It is a great comfort to know that our prophet and the apostles know how much we need their support and encouragement here and come in spite of the risks.  Elder Holland spent his time meeting with saints and building bridges with leaders and the communities here.  The three meetings I was a part of with Elder Holland were very uplifting and I had about twelve pages of notes after I typed them all up.  Again we got to shake his hand as we left the Doha meeting and thank him for coming and that was great.  I never know what to say when I meet someone I admire and look up to.  My tongue and personality get all goofy and I feel like a doofus when it is over.  Oh well, I hope he has the gift of tongues so he could translate my blather into coherent thanks and gratitude.


Amber said...

Dianna, you are a very gracious person. I'm sure he knew how you felt just by looking at you!

tpmotd said...

Thanks for posting this! It helped me find your blog. I've just been hired by Dr. (Bishop) Pruitt as the new Secondary Counselor at his school, so I'm devouring any info I can get, especially about church members there!