Monday, May 2, 2011

Professor Brett

Today marks the third VCUQ graduation that Brett has been involved in, but for the first time today, I finally got some photos of him in his fancy graduation duds ready for the big shindig.  I had to coax him into letting me take pictures before he left for the Ritz Carlton this morning.  Graduation is a very exclusive event here, only for graduates, their families, and VCUQ faculty and staff, so I haven't been on site to snap photos of Brett marching into commencement looking all knowledgeable and wise and stuff, so these shots at home will have to do.  The fancy piece hanging around his neck is called a hood and the colors represent the university from which he graduated (University of Utah - red and white) and the degree he received (Master of Architecture - purple).  Even though he was all decked out in his official academic regalia he couldn't put on a serious face to save his life, so enjoy the entertaining poses with Professor Brett and his trusty sidekick dog Fanny Freckles.

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terahreu said...

It looks good on him!