Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change Is Difficult

Yes, I look different - a new city so . . . a new salon, new style, new look. I finally had to make the plunge and let someone other than Julie touch my hair. I just couldn't afford another trip to Utah, especially since we've had three since August! So I went to the only real American style salon in Doha (not one of the "saloons" but a real salon), paid way too much money, and let two total strangers have their way with me, my hair that is. Niki, who has spent 18 years as a stylist in New York, did the color highlights. When I started to tell her what I wanted with the cut, she called in reinforcements. Maybe it was the VERY SPECIFIC instructions I was giving her, or maybe it was how massively thick she realized my hair is when she started handling it. Either way, she asked Linda, who just arrived in Doha from Scotland four days ago, to do the cut. Note to Julie: you listen WAY better than these two did, and now I appreciate you even more than I did before.

I don't know about this. It is a little too straight for me right now. Brett says he LOVES it . . . . . probably because I look like a new woman . . . . . maybe someone named Wendy he was dreaming deeply about last night . . . . enough to speak her name OUT LOUD!!! (He says he was saying "windy" but I was not asleep like he was, and unless he was naming a hurricane "Wendy" there is no chance that wind was the topic of his dream). Well, that's a whole other issue. Abbey says she kind of likes the new look, and the only reason she doesn't love it is just because she doesn't recognize me - yes those are the words she used, and it's probably because she has not seen her mom in any other style her WHOLE life. Now you can see that change is not my best thing.
The real test will be when I actually have to style this myself. You won't want to be around that morning. It can get ugly, and I don't mean the hair. I hate when my routine is changed and don't mind throwing a brush or two in frustration when my hair doesn't cooperate. I will have to take a picture of the "after" so you can see how inept I am at giving my hair the "salon look."
Anyway, my hair is the one thing I am pretty irrational about. I spend way too much money and time on it, even though I'm a very practical, no nonsense penny pincher most of the time. I can't explain it. I can only apologize and allow myself this indulgence. What is the one thing in your life that makes you forget your bank account balance, your time limitations, or your maturity level? I want to know . . . . just so I can feel better about being hair obsessed.


Mary said...

Wow Mom!!! I love that haircut! Its so cute and hip! I like what those girls have done! It looks SOOO Good! I'm tempted to go see my hair lady Allison with that picture and get mine cute just like that! Except my hair wouldn't look nearly as good like that because I have probably 1/3 the hair you do!

My weakness is cooking tools. I'm a complete sucker when it comes to buying the special tool I need to make whatever I'm concocting. And I'm horrible about keeping in my budget for ingredients! Its just because I know what it takes to get really great tasting food, GREAT TASTING INGREDIENTS. Someday I'll be ingenious and be able to make even the nastiest ingredient taste delicious... I'll keep working on it!

Kristy said...

Mom! I gasped out loud when I saw this picture because I LOVE it!!! Did you get a good straightener? Because it will really help a lot to minimize the frustration when you're trying to keep it glossy like that. Go for ceramic because it doesn't damage your hair as much. Anyway, I LOVE IT!!!!

My weakness is stuff that's on really good sale that I know I'll need later. If chocolate chips are a dollar, I'll buy tons even if they make me exceed my grocery budget for the week.

Another weakness: shoes, but only if I'm with Mom and she tells me how cute I look in them. :)

Amy said...

I gasped too! I love it! Love love LOVE it! And Kristy is right about the straightener, your life will never be the same, she's also right about the shoes, and Mary is right about the cooking have smart daughters. :)

Love the hair!

juliana said...

Wow, nice hair cut! You look younger, very beautiful!

lbwillow said...

I absolutely LOVE it! I love it so much that I had to take time to make a comment. Which for me is a lot considering that I set up my account so long ago that I had to redo because of memory lapse! You look so adorable! I know you will figure out how to make your hair look absolutely gorgeous! You always look so nice!

As for my bank account always being plentiful well...maybe scrapbooking, or at least I can pretend right?!

love ya lots,


ljanlyons94 said...

Dianna, forget what everyone else has said and listen to me. Great, Wonderful, gorgeous, now about the hair... The cut is fantastic. I absolutely love it. It is so youthful that Brett will be arrested for robbing the cradle.

Richardson Five said...

Your hair looks great! Really, I love it.

Amy said...

I read this when you first posted, but I wanted to give your daughters a chance to comment first. Then I forgot. I absolutely LOVE it, Dianna. The cut, the style, the swoopy bangs...EVERYTHING. Learning a new style is always hard, but once you get the swing of it, I'm sure you'll love it too. I need a haircut. You've inspired me to do something different.

KMurray said...

I like your cut! I saw you on Friday and was thinking what is different. For the record I like the Salon we have here in Riviera our compound they are all British but listen well and I love the color they give me. All of the good places charge way too much but that is all you get if you want good.