Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mom's 75th birthday. Given the fact that her parents were told she would never make it to adulthood, I think my mom has lived a remarkable life. She has had more than her share of health problems, but most of the time she is a fighter. There are those times when she loses ground and just can't look her challenges in the face anymore. Those are the times when she has learned to rely on a higher power and has let Him carry her burdens. Those are the times she has taught me the most.

When I called her yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday, my mom told me I was the first one to call her with birthday greetings. That was easy to do since we are nine hours ahead right now. Even though it was early in the morning, Mom was at the top of her game. I told her that Brett had gotten a guitar for his birthday, and thinking I would be clever I said, "Brett now plays the guitar in Qatar." Mom outdid my verbal play and quickly said, "So does that mean if we want to learn how to sing we have to move to Sing Sing?"

So Happy Birthday Mom! Even though your body is 75 and you move slowly these days, your mind is every bit as quick as it was when you were juggling all the tasks of youth. There are no prisons that can hold your indomitable spirit. You've known how to sing the songs of courage from the very beginning!

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