Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Your Wish for Today?

Being able to fly would be really amazing. Time travel would be interesting and possibly too overwhelmingly powerful for little old me. Yesterday I would have wished for a cure for the diabetes monster.

Today though, I think I will wish for teleportation. The ability to transport myself and anyone I want around the globe would make me so happy. I miss so many people right now. I wanted to attend my grandson's first birthday party two weeks ago, but could only be there via Skype - thank goodness for that! I'm already thinking about the fact that I will miss seeing my wisteria bush in full bloom this May. Those purple flowers just droop with lustrous grace and soothe whatever is pulsing through my worry zone at the moment. (I hope Mary takes a picture of it for me if my teleportation wish doesn't come through.) I would visit all the temples that dot the earth. I would show up on my mom's front porch with dinner tomorrow night. I would climb the highest mountains the easy way. I would beam my family over here this week to let them enjoy a few of Doha's sites before the heat arrives in full force. I would finally go to Hawaii. So beam me up Scottie! I'm ready to travel. What is your wish today? Thanks for the great idea, Kristy!


Amy said...

Dianna, is that tree in your front yard? I bet it smells heavenly.

Amy said...

Now that is worth wishing for! Oh the Places I'd Go! :)

Mary said...

We'll be sure to send you some pictures of the wisteria when it blooms! Great wish!