Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doha Ward Christmas Party: Singing Sand Dunes

Our ward Christmas party was held at the Singing Sand Dunes and the fun got started as soon as Abbey got out of the car.  Before I knew it, she had scampered up this dune and was thinking of creative ways to get down along with everyone else.  I just love the Santa hat, don't you?  The dunes are named because apparently if you step on them hard enough there are eerie sounds you can hear that reverberate off the natural ampitheater there, but it has to be quiet enough, and with this crowd, no one was listening.

Brett showed Xavier how to trudge up the dune . . .
. . . . . and run (almost fall) down after!
So if we couldn't be tubing down a snow-covered hill, we would have to settle for the sand.
It's a race!

Brett is one talented guy, don't you think?!

Xavier is one of the "ward babies" and gets passed around a lot.  He is so good-natured.

The dunes didn't sing, but the ward choir did and they sounded beautiful!
Ella, Emma, Abbey, and Morgan
Brother F gave a great talk about sand and related it to the Savior - an object lesson from the desert IN the desert.

We were led in a "Name that Christmas Carol" game by Brother I and Brother B.  There was no cheating involved at all.  (Wink, wink!)

President C joined us even though his wife was already home for the holidays.
We had a big group and everyone seemed to have a good time.  This might have to be a new Doha 1st Ward tradition!


Marinda said...

What a totally awesome Christmas party! Looks like a great ward!

Amber said...

looks like fun and makes me miss Doha ward even more! What makes up for the lack of a warm ward family is having a temple. There are a few people I don't recognize!

terahreu said...

Awe. I am so sad I missed it! It looks like it was so much fun!

Dino$ said...

Merry xmas :)