Monday, December 13, 2010

One Plus of Living in the Middle East

We visited the Al Wakra Beach on December 4 and enjoyed one of the few perks of living in the Middle East - December beach days!

Some small creatures, unknown to me, burrow through the sand and leave these tiny sand balls on top of the sand all over the beach.  It was one of those days when we could sit and notice the beautiful details of nature.
We also found some great shell specimens.

Abbey loved jumping the tiny waves.  The Gulf isn't known for its giant waves, but it was just right for us that day.

Yeah, I kind of like him.
Along with the tiny sand balls, we noticed the purpley/pinkish seaweed that was drying all over the moist sand.
It's not a beach visit without digging down to the water and building a sand castle; well, because this builder is well-traveled and world aware, she created the Great Wall of China instead.

Brett enjoyed some of my fresh salsa as I lounged in the chair and let the cool salty breeze trickle over my goosebumps.

Our outing was a few days after the announcement that Qatar had won the FIFA World Cup 2022 bid, and many entrepreneurial men were taking advantage of the excitement by charging exorbitant prices for anything with the Qatari flag on it.  Yes, that is a look of incredulity on Brett's face but he bought one anyway.  We might have bought a Qatari flag to show our support for the local celebration, but if you notice Abbey's red shirt that says, "Everything's better in Utah," you will know our hearts still belong to Utah.  We would give up a thousand December beach outings in a heartbeat to have a white Christmas this year, but until that comes about, we are going to enjoy this while we can.


Jan.lyons said...

Hey Abbey your great wall of China truly rivals the real that was tough climbing. The uneven stairs and low hand rails almost did me in...

Mary said...

Oh how I would love to be sitting on the beach! Dont get too jealous of a white Christmas... we may not get one this year if this weather keeps up!

terahreu said...

What great photos! Hey, we need to enjoy this weather while we have it. I love Abbey's shirt btw. So appropriate while flying the Qatari flag.