Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm Seeing Spots!!

Sir Smudge A lot
Miss Fanny Freckles
 Can you tell that Freckles has brown spots and Smudge has black spots?  Yes, I am definitely seeing spots these days.
 Oh, what have I agreed to????!!!!!!!!
Freckles is shy but loving.
Smudge is quite the silly guy.
How could I say no?  Freckles knows who to charm - Miss Abigail!  After I recover from the initial adoption, I will fill you in on the desperate saga of these two Dalmatian Darlings.  In the meantime . . . pray for the Kearney Zoo!


terahreu said...

They are gorgeous and appropriately named! You are one brave woman!

Breeann said...

Wow! What an adventure. I love having 2 dogs, but 2 puppies?! I cant wait for more details.

Amy said...

I can't wait for the story. So, if my math is right you've got 2 dogs, 1 cat (or do you have 2?), and a bird. Dogs are such great companions. I'm sure Abbey will love the company. :)

Amy said...

They're beautiful! Do all these animals get to come home with you?

Mary said...

Its beginning to be a bit like Noah's Ark over there :D 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, 2 turtles, and aren't there 2 fish? Call me when you get the elephants alright? :D heehee They sure look like cute puppies! Cant wait for you guys to bring them home to keep Dora company!