Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a Dog's Life

Once upon a time there was a foolish Qatari man who thought it would be a grand idea to take two Dalmatian puppies home to his wife.  There was a loving, shy little girl puppy and a loud, rambunctious little boy puppy. The male puppy had black spots and the female puppy had brown ones.  Legend has it that these puppies were brother and sister, but who knows if that legend is true.  Now it is not known if this man bought the puppies in Qatar or ordered them from a far away land, but through some mysterious circumstances, these puppies came to a land filled with people who despise dogs, people who mistreat them and abandon them.

Well, when this foolish man presented these two wiggly darlings to his wife she was less than pleased.  She saw no beauty in the spotted creatures.  She only saw disasters awaiting her household and numerous messes.  She told her foolish husband that either he take the puppies away or SHE would be going away.  This man enjoyed having a wife, even if she could be heartless at times, so he chose to keep her instead of the puppies.  So what was he going to do with two little wet-nosed problems?  Unfortunately, his answer was to take them out to the desert and leave them there to fend for themselves.  Luckily, another, more noble man who worked with the foolish man, heard of these awful plans and decided to intervene.  He was an animal lover and could not bear to hear of puppies being dropped off in the harsh wilderness.  He told the foolish man that he would take the little spotted things for himself.

Sadly, this more noble man had a roommate he did not consult and brought his two new pets home unannounced.  The roommate was annoyed but had no choice but to welcome the new canine housemates.  Time passed.  The pups started to grow and grow.  They lost their rollee pollee looks and became slender and tall but still they were full of puppy mischief and energy.

In the meantime, the noble man was fired from his job and was forced to leave Qatar for his homeland.  Again, sadly, he neglected to tell his roommate, and one day the hero roommate, the most noble of men, woke up to a note of explanation and two hungry, BIG puppies who needed a lot of care.  He tried to manage their diet, their exercise, and their excrement, but with his full-time job it was impossible.  Between the noble man and the hero they had managed to get the dogs house-trained and took them to the vet for their vaccinations.  They both knew what these doggies needed, they just weren't able to give it to them.  The hero asked a fine lady friend of his to help him find a loving home for the big puppies and so she sent out an email proclamation throughout all the land.

A few weeks previous to this, a certain man we will call BRETT had an interesting conversation with his wife.  Even though he had been talking about his plans and dreams of someday getting a dog and training it to be a therapy dog (one step down from a service dog), Brett assured his wife that he was only reading dog training books and calling breeders in the U.S. so he could learn all he needed to know in the next few years, so when they moved back to the land of Utah, he would know exactly what he was doing when he finally picked out that lucky pup.  This very clever wife of Brett just smiled a knowing smile and let him continue with his speech.

Then Big Plans Brett received an email, answered it secretly, and brought home some new friends for his wife and daughter to meet.  Yes, when he walked in the door that night he said, "Dianna, I brought home someone I want you to meet." She ran downstairs, thinking a student from the university had come for a visit, but no, out on the back porch were two overgrown four month old pups making themselves at home.  Big Plans Brett was humble and penitent as he told of the doggie saga.  He promised commitment and devotion to the caring and training of the chronic messmakers.  He said he would accept her decision either way, but please could they stay?  When she allowed him to go and call their daughter for an initial introduction his heart leapt with hope and he knew she would give her assent.  The Lady Abigail's adoration of the two puppies sealed the deal and that is how Sir Smudge A lot and Miss Fanny Freckles came to live in the Kearney Kingdom.

*For more information on how Baylee our white kitty joined our kingdom please dial up this past blog post.


Amy said...

Oh, I love it! I kept wondering when Sir Brett would enter the scene! Dianna, you are awesome to say yes. I know dogs can be a lot of work, and two can be a TON, but what a champ you are not to be like the first wife and give Brett and ultimatum! They are adorable, and lucky dogs indeed.

Jan.lyons said...

My Vet once told me that he felt that pets are led by a divine force to good people who will love and care for them. That surely happened with these two loveable energetic beings of unconditional love.

Amber said...

I have a friend who flies all over the world training rescue dogs...she was just in spain not too long ago. She trains the kind that go into mountains, find people and drag them back.

KMurray said...

Cute dogs! I love the Kearney Kingdom...great.

Richardson Five said...

It was so fun to read your Christmas email!!! The dogs are beautiful! Love you guys! Tell Abbey hello from her cousins.:)