Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Great Thing

Tuesday, May 15 prompt for Diabetes Blog Week:

Living with diabetes (or caring for someone who lives with it) sure does take a lot of work, and it’s easy to be hard on ourselves if we aren’t “perfect”.  But today it’s time to give ourselves some much deserved credit.  Tell us about just one diabetes thing you (or your loved one) does spectacularly!  Fasting blood sugar checks, oral meds sorted and ready, something always on hand to treat a low, or anything that you do for diabetes.  Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate doing well! 

Well, it is difficult for me to say I do anything well when it comes to diabetes.  It seems that I am always falling short, and as the years go by and numbers aren't as easily managed, it is discouraging to try and find one thing I am succeeding at with this monster disease.  So I am taking a cue from Abby over at Six Until Me and tapping into my unlimited sarcasm skills.

I am great at collecting a year's worth of insulin, pump supplies, back-up insulin pens, back-up syringes, a back-up pump (yes, I have two), meter supplies, back-up meters, CGM supplies, other various medications for diabetes-related ailments, ice packs, and a giant cooler and fitting all of this into two suitcases and a carry-on with all of my clothes, books, toiletries, and shoes, lots of shoes, for our annual trek to the Middle East where we live for nine months out of the year.  Now it would be too easy if they actually had the same kind of insulin and pump supplies in Qatar and I could just go to my local chemist at the souq and get my few needed bottles of Humalog.  I love the challenge of moving heaven and earth onto an airplane and praying my way through at least six different airport security checks on our 28 hour flight (three connections).  I also love it when we travel overseas to some of the less modern countries where they think I am carrying bomb materials around my waist, take me away from my family, and then insist on seeing my site to prove I am telling the truth about my insulin pump.  I do all of this rather well, and do it with grace and patience (Ha!), so I need a high five from all of my readers out there.
And this is only what is left after 8 plus months of being here.
Oh, and I'm really good at keeping my cool when $100s of dollars get wasted when my supply of insulin expires.  Darn those pharmacists who didn't give me bottles with longer expiration dates.  Grrrrrrrrr!


Amy said...

You get a double-high five from me! Man, I can't imagine airport security getting any more complicated. What a hassle. You are awesome.

Kristy said...

Nice, Mom! I'd say you are a champ at checking your blood sugar by drawing blood from your body MANY TIMES A DAY! And thinking hard and doing math skills for EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth! Just those two things are amazing, not to mention all the other things you keep up with! You definitely didn't give yourself enough credit!

Angela said...

Hi Dianne, Iam enjoying reading your posts, would love to speak to you as we have so much in common, I too was diagnosed with diabetes aged 26 in August 1990. I will be moving to Doha later this year, husband already there, my big worry was the medical help re insulin, care etc. can you contact me on angela_campbell2404@hotmail.co.uk for advice