Friday, May 11, 2012

Seussical the Musical

The American School of Doha is an amazing place for children to experience the arts.  Abbey just finished participating in the 5th Grade musical.  They did Seussical this year and it was fantastic.  Geoff Heney, one of the assistant principals at the elementary, directed the play, and I have to say he is brilliant at EVERYTHING, especially helping children feel great about themselves.  He really outdid himself with this production and inspiring these kids to tap into their best work.  The music was impressive as well as the costumes and sets.  I don't know who was in charge of the costumes, but whoever it was got the "Who People" perfectly.  The mayor's wife had to be my favorite. The student who played the part of the Sour Kangaroo had a remarkable voice and belted our her parts like a professional.  I kept having to remind myself that these were 5th graders.

Mr. Heney

Because my sweet Abigail is not fond of being up in front of audiences, she decided not to try out for any of the cast parts.  She really enjoyed being in the chorus and supporting the play with her voice, and even with her dread of the spotlight, she wasn't that disappointed when she got to be on the front row during the production and hold a candle during the "Solla Sollew" number (I think she is a closet performer like her mom).

 Morgan and Abbey

Brynn and Abbey

Another school year is almost at an end and it seems to have flown by.  As I watched my tall, beautiful daughter perform I had to marvel at how much she has grown since we came to Qatar in 2008.  She was in 2nd grade then and so shy her teacher Miss Verhoye was worried about her.  But she blossomed with the help of so many professionals at ASD, especially Miss V, and even Mr. Heney.  Along with growing in height Abbey has grown in her cultural awareness here.  Each summer when we go back to Utah she always comments about how much "sameness" there is there.  She has commented once or twice about how before coming to Qatar our religion was the only faith she was aware of.  Now she knows something about Muslims, Hindus, Catholics, Christians, and more.  She even knows a little Arabic.  Our Abigail has always been tuned in to people and their feelings and now she is tuned in to the world in a way she never would have been if we hadn't come to the Middle East.  ASD has been a big part of that journey of awareness.  Oh, the Thinks you can Think!


Amy said...

Positively amazing! What a wonderful experience, both the play and living there. Thanks for sharing the photos and the link on Facebook. I wish I could have seen it live!

Sierra Penrod said...

I think the sets of our fifth grade musicals were a cafeteria and a set of bleachers. This is intense! Looks amazing!

Elaine Bowen said...

Sounds fun, sorry we missed it. The kids love Dr Seuss.